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User Interface and User Experience Tutorials

The following is a User Interface (U.I.) - User Experience (U.X.) demo tutorial I created for a potential client/employer where I was asked to demonstrate my skills. I laid this design out starting with a wire frame requirements document and then progressing to a simulation walk through. Pay very close attention to this tutorial and see how the layout takes a rather confusing document requirement sample and how I finally lay out the U.I. using the rule of "Don't Make Me Think" mentality which is to "Simplify User Experience". In other words the simpler the layout the more productive a user can be. This U.I. could either use Adobe Flash or Window Presentation Foundation(WPF) as a structure. As you watch you'll see how I chose WPF because of the many U.I. data controls WPF offers.

As of now, I am looking for work to feed my 3 kids.

If you know of anyone who is in need of a U.I. designer or graphic designer full time, please contact me at

Enjoy the demo.

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